Professional Development for Educators

We provide fun, interactive, and effective professional development training for teachers with proven results. We also run “in-class” training for students with the teacher involved. This helps the students and teachers learn at the same time. Teachers are able to incorporate what they have learned into their own lessons. The result – happy teachers and “Captivated” Kids!

Captivating Teachers lead to

Captivated Students!

Helps teachers teach in ways that produce tangible results

  • Set an example for your students and help them become better communicators
  • Teach in interesting and engaging ways so your students sit up and pay attention
  • Explain in ways that students will be able to better grasp and retain information
  • Improve relationships with parents, colleagues, and administrators
  • Enhance your interpersonal skills and ability to resolve conflicts and settle disputes
  • Understand your students better by learning how to read their non-verbal communication cues
  • Express adeptly with a proper balance between empathy and authority
  • Identify your unique teaching style to enhance your unique skills
  • Relate better with your students. What are they not saying to you?
  • A fresh approach to old subject matter – how to teach to be memorable
  • How to engage their senses to encourage full participation and active involvement
  • Non-verbal communication – Facial expressions, gestures, body language
  • Use of Critical and Creative thinking skills in the classroom
  • How to use humor, drama and storytelling in the classroom.
  • Unusual and unique methods to help you deliver lessons that stick.

Share information in unique and creative ways to appeal to young imaginations


  • A dynamic and enthusiastic method of communication to be used in the classroom. Please, longer training sessions for us.

    Heather L. Ivy Academia School
  • We learned how to engage kids, use voice, fun, body language, humor etc. This is SO helpful, to use techniques to liven up each day. EXCELLENT!

    E. Lanagam Teacher
  • The Captivating Speakers were CAPTIVATING, positive, vulnerable, engaging, and entertaining. It is eye opening and there is an opportunity for more depth in each training category. I learned to make content intrinsic and less external and make it relevant.

    Kindergarden teacher AGBUMDS
  • One thing I learned is that presentation and relevance of the material I am teaching is important. We need to make lessons fun, engaging and applicable to students. It was very informative and insightful not just for our teaching practices but as life lessons. The Captivating Speakers give a lot of examples of how to use the techniques in the classroom.

    2nd Grade Teacher AGBUMDS
  • The enthusiasm was excellent. I learned to be a better listener and come up with something unique.

    Middle school History Teacher AGBUMDS