Personal Development

You communicate all the time whether you realize it or not. Sometimes it’s more obvious: when you tweet, make a phone call, go on a job interview. Other times it’s not. You are communicating all the time. The question is, “What Are You Saying?” More importantly, are you being heard?

You have a voice. We are here to help you find that voice and develop it to the point where everything you do doesn’t just impact people. It “Captivates” them!

Training programs to improve public speaking, presentation skills, masterful communication skills.

Our training will help you discover and master your…

  • Voice – Learn the importance of vocal variety, vocal patterns, delivery arc, and – most importantly – how to find your V-Spot!
  • Body – Your body speaks louder than your words. There’s an entirely invisible language…..
  • Performance – Drawing from the principles of public speaking, performing arts and neuroscience, we’ve developed “Edu-tainment” – the ability to teach anyone anything.
  • Fears – Fear is the single greatest cause of failure. It prevents you from achieving anything of any real value. What are your fears and how are they holding you back? We will show you how to get OVER yourself to get INTO others.
  • Spontaneity – Improv isn’t just for actors, it’s for everyone! Discover how to speak off-the-cuff and handle the most unexpected situations with ease, confidence, and ingenuity.
  • Storytelling – The four most captivating words in the English language are “Once upon a time…” Everybody loves a good story. Do you know how to tell one?
  • Writing – Whether it’s a book to be published, a letter to a friend, or a tweet to be tweeted. We can help you achieve the “write” stuff!

Prices for our offerings is available on request.
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  • The “Captivating Speakers” program is such a fun experience. Chanti takes the best out of comedy, acting, Toastmaster's instruction, keen observation, and her decades of speaking experience with passion. The result is high entertainment value, and equally high learning value. What stands out in Chanti’s class for me is that her instruction is specific and presented in a refreshing way, which provides  participants a  mode of “I can do this!” and prepares them to be ready for action. Chanti truly did what she teaches – she captivated her audience throughout the class.

    B. Shickerling Training Supervisor- Cheesecake Factory
  • The Captivating Speakers program was a godsend to the Sherut L'Olam Teen Leadership Program.  In a few short sessions, these teens learned vital skills in order to be effective communicators. Chanti and Desiree provided personal feedback to each participant so that they could work on individual areas for improvement.  With these skills, the teens were able to go on to lead, teach and inspire their peers to make the world a better place.  The teens will take the invaluable lessons learned from the Captivating Speakers program and apply them to all areas of their lives.  Thank you Chanti and Desiree!

    Lori Brockman Retreat Coordinator, Shalom Institute Camp and Conference Center
  • The tools and supportive environment which Chanti provides in her interactive workshop, really allows a person to step out of comfort zones, beyond fears and begin to carve out a path towards transformation not only outwardly as a more effective communicator, but inwardly, with a deeper knowledge of self and the confidence that comes with it.

    Tracey G. Legal Assistant
  • Chanti's workshop was amazing! She is so creative and makes you want to participate. It really brings you out of your comfort zone. It's a great experience. If you ever want to improve your speaking skills Chanti will be your best teacher. The workshops were very informative, educational and yet very dynamic and interesting. I learned so much in just 4 weeks and I feel more confident about writing a speech and delivering it. Chanti puts her heart and soul into the workshops and you can feel it and this is why they are so powerful! Thanks Chanti for your professionalism and passion to make public speaking possible for everyone.

    Jessie Zhang Account Executive