Kids & Teens

Award-winning public speakers, professional educators, and communication specialists developed the Captivating Kids & Teens program, geared towards kids aged from 8 to 17. The result is an innovative program, the only one of its kind in the world delivered by professional speakers to help kids learn the skills they need to propel them to success in life.


With our innovative teaching methods the kids learn:

  • Critical & Creative Thinking Skills Think and speak on their feet
  • Leadership skills Team-building skills
  • Memory  Enhancement training
  • Listening Perception and focus
  • Powerful Observation Interpretation tools – How to “read” others
  • Body Language Non-verbal communication skills
  • How to write Structure and deliver meaningful, effective speeches
  • Interpersonal Communication skills / Social skills
  • Problem-solving Tools for overcoming challenges
  • Conflict resolution Dealing with difficult situations
How can your child benefit from this training?

We present our “Rapid Results Program” as an extra-curricular class or as an elective program at select schools. We have trained thousands of students in hundreds of schools, with impressive results and have hundreds of glowing testimonials.


  • Words cannot express how thrilled and amazed I am at my daughter's progress in such a short period of time.  Captivating Kids has been the very BEST PROGRAM I have enrolled her in. I am definitely continuing with the course and am going to enroll my son as well. Thank you to the amazing teachers. Your positive attitude and words of encouragement have allowed my daughter to flourish and become a more confident individual.

    Mary Tavidian
  • Your passion for what you do is evident in every word you say and move you make in front of the children and us, parents.  I appreciate that you are challenging the status quo and guiding our children down new directions and creativity! For me, this was the best extra curricular activity, or better yet, the BEST INVESTMENT I have been offered at our school.  THANK YOU!!

    Taleen Akopyan
  • Today I witnessed my son Robert (5th grade) present his final "speech" in the captivating kids after-school class.  I cannot tell you how impressed I was with his presentation. The skills and tips they learned in this class are life changing. From encouraging the kids to providing constructive criticism to improve their basic speaking abilities is true values they can carry with them a lifetime.

    This class exceeded all of my expectations. He even said this was the "best" class !  I was also very pleased to hear our teachers will be taking this class as well. Every single teacher we have can benefit greatly from this class.

    Melina Ghotanian
  • Captivating Kids program did miracles for my daughter, Kayla. 5 stars would not merely be enough to fully express my feelings about Chanti Niven and her brilliant method. After observing my kid's complete transformation on so many levels, I enrolled myself into Captivating Speakers adult courses. Chanti and her team will turn your child into a confident, eloquent communicator, and, most importantly, confident human being. You owe it to your child.

    Julia Butler