Get over YOU!

You know the phrase, “Get over yourself!”? People say it all the time, and more often than not, it’s not meant as a piece of helpful advice. Well, I’ve changed it up a little: I often use the phrase “You need to Get Over YOU to Get INTO Others.” This is the best way I know to tell you that in order to reach others, you must first get out of your own way. You must take the focus off yourself and stop worrying about what others think and refocus upon the audience. If you can do this you will be captivating.

For most of my adult life, I was an awful people-pleaser. I always felt like I had to earn the love of other people, and this behavior was starting to put a serious crimp in my ability to move forward in life. It was as if I was wearing a great big sign around my neck that read, “Please love me.” It took violent crime, a brush with death, and three years of being blind (I was legally blind) before I could was able to reach the place where I could take the sign off myself and place it upon the mirror, where it belonged.

We are all our own harshest critics. It would probably never occur to any of us to judge other people as harshly as we tend to judge ourselves. But being able to face the mirror without fear and/or judgment is the only way we can appear genuine to others. Let’s face it: if someone comes across as “phony,” if they seem false in their presentation or their words, we’re not going to trust them. Getting past our own perceived imperfections and flaws and being comfortable with ourselves will allow us to reach so many more people.

When we learn to first accept ourselves, and then get over ourselves, we can then really start to get into other people, without that nagging worry about not being “good enough” which holds us back. And once we can REALLY get into other people, we can reach them to their core. They will be more open to our message because it is directed toward them on a whole other level.

This is why we should all get over OURSELVES and get INTO others.

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