Don’t Mess With The Lady

This is a story about my dear friend’s mother, Victoria. She was British and very proper, a genteel lady of pristine fashions and flawlessly coiffed hair. Unfortunately, Victoria worked for a demanding oaf who subjected her, and apparently all his employees, to regular verbal abuse. Not surprisingly, the company had a high staff turnover but Victoria was no quitter and handled him and the toxic work environment with calm stoicism and grace. Until the day he went too far.

Apparently, it started when he began swearing at her for some small imagined infraction.


She was accustomed to hearing him angrily bluster and pontificate about things, circumstances, and other people.

But to swear at HER?

What she did next was something that most of us have only dreamed of doing.

She picked up her handbag and with as much dignity as she could muster, and her head held high, she made for the exit.

He wasn’t going to let her go that easily and blocked her way.

“Where do you think YOU’RE going?”

She sidestepped to move past him, and he yelled,

“&*$#@ YOU CAN’T LEAVE, YOU %$#*!”

Without batting an eyelid, she looked straight at him and replied in a calm, steady tone.

“I have a cut-off point and I have a f*ck-off point. Today, you blew right past my cut-off point. And this, sir, is my f*ck off point!”

With this, she sailed by him and left that place for good, leaving him standing there with his mouth gaping wide.

She was finally relieved of the albatross she’d allowed him to hang around her neck.

He was left with an empty office.

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall. Wouldn’t you?

An off-color and yet captivating response to a less than captivating employer. This is a true story although I have used some artistic license in the telling. I am not sure exactly what her boss said but I’ll never forget Victoria’s legendary “I quit” line.

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