Capture Your Audience

When we talk about “captivating,” we mean it literally.

As a storyteller, your objective is to “capture” your audience and take them on a journey along with you. When people talk about storytelling, they often tend to make it seem that the story is merely a tale, and has no effect on the world at large. The truth is, a story well told has the ability to change the world, to affect events and shape the future, both of the teller and the listener.

But it takes skill to get to that level of storytelling. And that’s where Captivating comes in. Chanti and her world-class team have developed a proven method that will take you from the pedestrian to the powerful. Learning how to communicate with ALL of your tools – not just your voice, but your personal style, your cadence, your body language, and other critical non-verbal communication tools – is the key to making yourself a mesmerizing storyteller. And those tools are within your reach.

Whether you’re speaking to your co-workers, potential customers, a prospective employer, or friends, making yourself clearly understood is the key to bringing people around. Injecting humor, personal tidbits, and other unique content into your speech makes you more relatable. Learning the proper cadence, body language, and other non-verbal cues will take your story from a mere tale to a reality-altering experience for the audience – and quite likely for you as well.

Chanti Niven and her talented team are experts at teaching the art of captivation. There’s no time like the present to start on your journey to the world of Captivating Speakers.

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