Learn what it takes to Captivate: an audience, clients, employees, employers... everyone! We will teach you to be a captivating speaker and leave an impression that lasts.

What are you saying?

“Captivating” Communication extends far beyond what you say with words alone. What you wear, the way you stand and walk, your facial expressions, and gestures all say something about who you are, before you utter a single word. And when you do speak, your tone, choice of words, accent, distinctive cadence, and speaking style adds to the picture.  People are largely unaware of how others see or perceive them. If they were, they would realize just how important it is to gain an accurate understanding of what they project and work on their presentation skills to optimize the way they appear to others. Don’t you think you should learn how to be more captivating?

And, if you wish to really stand apart, learn how to accurately read others, and decipher what it is THEY want. As Zig Ziglar famously said, “You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help other people get what they want.” These special people skills pave the way to personal and professional success. Our expert trainers and specialized coaches will help you improve your interpersonal communication and presentation skills so that all your heart’s desires are within grasp. Companies who hire Captivating to train their people, automatically upgrade their own image and the results PAY off BIG TIME!


Understand your significance and personal power to effect positive change in this world through connected, conscious communication. Captivating’s professional award-winning coaches will guide you on the path to becoming a truly captivating speaker – one that will easily grab and hold attention. Our goal is to help you to connect with others in more meaningful ways because then it’s a win-win for everyone! Anyone can stand up and speak but it takes special skills to captivate, connect and leave an impression that lasts.
We can teach you these skills.

Get on the fast track and elevate your life


Consider coaching to improve your conversational and public speaking skills. Hone your presentation techniques, cultivate your interpersonal skills and develop your leadership abilities.

Captivating Intensive training cover topics including, uncover and monetize your personal brand, creative thinking and writing skills, body language mastery, how to accurately read others, vocal arts training, comedy improv, quick wits, memory mastery, power performance, the art of storytelling and more. Speakers Gym is a speaking club for those wish to learn to improve their speaking, conversational and public speaking. You will receive valuable training and great opportunities to practice your speaking skills as well as receive live coaching from top coaches.


Share your company’s top three challenges and we’ll show you how our training will help you overcome those challenges. Improved communication directly impacts your bottom line. Fewer costly errors caused by miscommunication, greater efficiency, improved relationships and morale and more sales.

Our training solutions, delivered by our award-winning coaches provide individuals and organizations with a REAL competitive advantage. Programs include communication and presentation skills (foundational to advanced level), conflict resolution and interpersonal skills training, relationship selling, brand-driven storytelling, team-building, executive coaching, customer service, bridging the generation gap, and much more…


In 2011, Chanti Niven adapted our highly acclaimed and successful adult training program to create for kids and teens.

Captivating Kids & Teens was launched in early 2012. We offer the program as an extra-curricular and an elective in select schools and run training from Captivating Academy in Woodland Hills.


We provide fun, interactive, and effective professional development training for teachers with proven results. We also run “in-class” training for students with the teacher involved. This helps the students and teachers learn at the same time. Teachers are able to incorporate what they have learned into their own lessons. The result – happy teachers and “Captivated” Kids!


  • I want to first thank you for putting on your Captivating Speakers Workshop. I went into this program thinking "I speak in front of people all of the time, so let's see if I can get a few new tips" Well, a few new tips only covered the first few minutes of the first night of the workshop! The curriculum and approach far beat any expectation I could have ever had. EVERY second was valuable and more than worth the investment! I have been transformed into a Captivating Speaker and I thank you for your wonderful and obvious love for what you do every day. I look forward to attending more sessions and coaching.

    Rick Mark Successful entrepreneur and owner of multiple companies in automotive and I.T. Industries
  • Your passion for what you do is evident in every word you say and move you make in front of the children and us, parents.  I appreciate that you are challenging the status quo and guiding our children down new directions and creativity! For me, this was the best extra curricular activity, or better yet, the BEST INVESTMENT I have been offered at our school.  THANK YOU!!

    Taleen Akopyan
  • Today I witnessed my son Robert (5th grade) present his final "speech" in the captivating kids after-school class.  I cannot tell you how impressed I was with his presentation. The skills and tips they learned in this class are life changing. From encouraging the kids to providing constructive criticism to improve their basic speaking abilities is true values they can carry with them a lifetime.

    This class exceeded all of my expectations. He even said this was the "best" class !  I was also very pleased to hear our teachers will be taking this class as well. Every single teacher we have can benefit greatly from this class.

    Melina Ghotanian
  • I got out of my comfort zone. I tend to be far too serious. I always have and with my high stress job and long work hours I often feel like I'm drowning. Therefore, it was very good for me to do something outside of my comfort zone. Chanti Niven, took the time to show me how to write a speech and how to best present it. Furthermore, the music, the meditation and the emotions and role playing were an excellent mix. It was relaxing. Kudos! Chanti Niven made me get out of my comfort zone!

    Dalia Gomez​ Safety Coordinator, Kaiser Permanente Foundation Hospital
  • Thank you Chanti. I am so grateful. This was so much more than a 'speech' class - it was a growth class.

    M.Taylor Southern California
  • Chanti's workshop was amazing! She is so creative and makes you want to participate. It really brings you out of your comfort zone. It's a great experience. If you ever want to improve your speaking skills Chanti will be your best teacher. The workshops were very informative, educational and yet very dynamic and interesting. I learned so much in just 4 weeks and I feel more confident about writing a speech and delivering it. Chanti puts her heart and soul into the workshops and you can feel it and this is why they are so powerful! Thanks Chanti for your professionalism and passion to make public speaking possible for everyone.

    Jessie Zhang​ Account Executive
  • Captivating Speakers do not just teach how you can speak better, express yourself more effectively, use your voice correctly, affect people with your words, read and understand body language (just to name a few), but they teach you how to find your unique and individual voice in this world. Yes, you will definitely become a better speaker and be more comfortable in your own skin, but you will also discover an immense pool of inner strength that you might've not thought existed before. They will show you the way to discover your heart's purpose, that which is the most important and most fulfilling message you - as a human - can share with the world. I have personally NEVER seen people grow so fast as they do in these classes.

    Daniel Mentz Actor & Writer
  • Words cannot express how thrilled and amazed I am at my daughter's progress in such a short period of time.  Captivating Kids has been the very BEST PROGRAM I have enrolled her in. I am definitely continuing with the course and am going to enroll my son as well. Thank you to the amazing teachers. Your positive attitude and words of encouragement have allowed my daughter to flourish and become a more confident individual.

    Mary Tavidian
  • Chanti Niven has the tremendous ability of taking the very complex topic of properly communicating through speech to a level that is very easy to learn, to remember and to use. Every time I attend one of her seminars, I learn something new, something fresh and something I haven't heard elsewhere. It takes a great student of speech communication to be able to break it down, deconstruct it and teach it so well. For example, the realization that all communication is bilingual - our native language and also our body language. Both play an integral role in effective communication. Chanti has a tremendous passion that inspires and, yes, captivates. We do need to captivate to communicate! Thank you for teaching those skills so effectively.

    John Murray Broker Associate
  • Chanti is the best speaking coach I know. I first met her at the Warner Center Toastmasters and was immediately impressed by her presentations and speeches. She is the founder of "Captivating Speakers", a speech-coaching company, so I decided to have her help me with my next speech. Oh boy, and help me she did. She covered all aspects of giving a presentation, everything from choosing a title, to structuring the speech, including an attention-grabbing opening, a clear and concise body and a dramatic and memorable closing. I received more compliments and acknowledgements of my improvement than I have ever had in all my years at Toastmasters. I have also attended one of her 4-week workshops. They were certainly out of the box, with training, role-play and even dancing around in our sox, ( you really had to be there to understand) We were able to overcome our speaking inhibitions and develop the ability to present in our own unique individual styles. I would highly recommend Chantal if you are looking to improve your public speaking and presentation skills.

    Stuart Juggler Speaker, Author, Therapist
  • This was a fabulous experience for me. Chanti started right at the beginning and took us through all the steps and taught us amazing techniques that I will be able to use in my future speeches as well as communication in my everyday life. She helped me to develop confidence and pushed me to look at effective communication in a different way. I feel that I have now developed a solid base from which I can build upon. I am so motivated to take it to the next level. Thank you!

    Mary McCormack Vice President, Healthcare Partners
  • Captivating Kids program did miracles for my daughter, Kayla. 5 stars would not merely be enough to fully express my feelings about Chanti Niven and her brilliant method. After observing my kid's complete transformation on so many levels, I enrolled myself into Captivating Speakers adult courses. Chanti and her team will turn your child into a confident, eloquent communicator, and, most importantly, confident human being. You owe it to your child.

    Julia Butler
  • From the onset you had us all captivated with your  eagle’s nest analogy…you managed to equip the group with insights, stories, and practice so that everyone felt more confident to leave their ‘nest’.   With these newly-honed personal insights and the meaningful ways in which you provided upgrades, each member of our C-Suite Transition Forum is sure to stand out from the pack in their next interview!  You and Desiree make  a great team – it’s an even more powerful learning experience when we can observe both of you making the words come alive! When I was chatting with two of the execs at the conclusion of our meeting, they both offered that this was one of the top presentations that they have heard at our Forum…no surprise with that conclusion!

    Lynne Krueger Jo-Anne Smith & Associates, Inc.
  • Chanti is a veritable treasure box of information when it comes to improving your communication skills and speaking out in public. Her life experience and talent truly makes her a compelling speaker.

    R. Grace Rodriguez Attorney​

We believe you have a voice and the world needs to hear that voice. We will help you discover and develop your unique voice, and master your message because we know that when you master your message, you master your world.
The question is, “What are you saying?”